Q9 Networks

CNSX Markets

CNSX’s unique market model matches enhanced disclosure and streamlined issuer regulation with leading-edge technology.

Data Centre Services from Q9 Help CNSX Focus on Generating Value for its Clients

CNSX, a new national stock exchange that operates two markets for the trading of equity securities (Canadian National Stock Exchange and Pure Trading), is critically dependent upon high levels of performance, reliability and security from the technology infrastructure supporting its key trading systems and networking environment.


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CNSX chose to outsource the hosting of its core IT infrastructure to Q9 Networks to get the professional, world-class data centre services the company needs to support its clients.


“We are getting exactly what we hoped for from our relationship with Q9, including a high level of day-to-day support and access to extremely skilled network engineering and systems architecture resources.”

Vice President, Corporate Development, CNSX Markets Inc.

By relying on Q9 to provide a robust and reliable infrastructure to support its trading systems environment, CNSX gains competitive advantage delivering trading services at less cost, while focusing more time on generating value for clients.


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