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Toronto-based G4BOX Inc. is a digital media provider, specializing in the publishing and distribution of online video games.

Co-locating Critical Online Gaming Infrastructure at Q9 Ensures G4BOX Can Always Deliver an Exceptional Player Experience.

To ensure that more than 10 million registered players enjoy the best possible online gaming experience, game publisher G4BOX needed a more stable and reliable infrastructure and a more advanced Internet connectivity solution than its current data centre services provider was able to deliver.


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After exploring several potential providers, G4BOX entered into a co-location contract with Q9 to host the firm’s mission-critical gaming infrastructure and take advantage of Q9’s high-capacity Internet connectivity to a large number of regional, national and international ISPs.


“I’ve been in numerous data centres, and what’s impressive about Q9 is not only the layout of their physical environment and their strong site security, but also their remote ‘hands & eyes’ service, which is very helpful when we need someone to fix a problem quickly.”


New levels of system stability and reliability ensure that G4BOX’s 10 million registered players always enjoy a reliable rich and responsive gaming experience. With quick and easy access to virtually unlimited network bandwidth capacity, G4BOX also has plenty of room for growth.


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