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Toronto-based Kanetix® is a leader in the online insurance services industry.

A Dual-Site Data Centre Strategy Helps Deliver Secure, Reliable Services and Win New Customers.

With some of the country’s largest financial institutions coming onboard as customers and partners, Kanetix needs to demonstrate that the IT infrastructure supporting its critical business systems and customer data is reliable and meets security-related audit requirements.


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A colocation agreement with Q9 for provision of space, power, network bandwidth and 7×24 monitoring at two Q9 facilities gave Kanetix a robust, dualsite data centre solution that ensures continuous, reliable IT operations and passes customer audits with flying colours.

We consider others, but Q9 has continued to win our business every year since 2001. Having the Q9 reputation as part of our solution helps you win new customers and pass data centre audits with ease.

Director of Technology, Kanetix

A hardened production environment for administrative and customerfacing systems gives internal and external clients secure, reliable access to applications, data and key business processes, and also makes it easier for Kanetix to onboard new partners with even the most stringent audit requirements.


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