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Published January 16, 2017

Reliable Data Centres Help Proactive Backups Ensure Uninterrupted Service Delivery

Article, Colocation

Operating since 2011, Calgary-based Proactive Backups Inc. provides off-premise backup services for small and medium-sized businesses throughout Alberta that want to protect valuable business and customer data. Its sister company, Syscal.com Inc., which has been operating in Alberta since 2004, is an IT infrastructure management company providing a broad range of IT services, including consulting, network monitoring and security, hardware sales and service, and software sales and licensing.

Power outages and poor customer support with a third-party colocation data centre services provider made it increasingly difficult for Proactive Backups and sister IT services company Syscal.com to provide reliable service delivery to customers.

A Q9 co-location solution provides best in-class space, power, cooling, Internet connectivity, physical security, fire control and 7×24 monitoring for Proactive/Syscal computer equipment housed at one of Q9’s data centre facilities in Calgary.

Significantly increased support and 100% uptime at an affordable price enables Proactive/Syscal to meet the IT process needs of existing and prospective customers and grow their business through the addition of disaster recovery and business continuity services.

Legacy Data Centre Partner Not Up to the Task
Q9 is Canada’s data centre. We provide Canadian data residency and have the experience, infrastructure and expertise to manage data backups, without fail. Our solutions are flexible, affordable and robust. And, we can support data protection, transport and retention across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure in a single solution. Given the unquantifiable value of business data, Q9 may well be one of the best investments a business can make. Ever since it began operations, Proactive Backups had co-located the IT infrastructure needed to support its customers’ backup and storage requirements at a local, third-party data centre services partner in Calgary. Similarly, Syscal.com had been co-locating the IT infrastructure there that it needed to run all of its business.

Over time, however, this did not prove to be an effective solution for either company. Power outages made uptime unreliable and it was difficult to get any kind of support from the data centre provider, especially at night, when calls for assistance would often go unanswered. In addition, the provider’s pricing model was based on gigabytes of data throughput, and since Proactive typically bundled terabytes of data into its backup service contracts with customers, the cost for co-location service was much higher than expected and what the quality of the supplier’s service was felt to be worth. Overall, management at Proactive Backups and Syscal.com found this supplier quite difficult to work with and needed to find a better solution to ensure they could provide reliable, uninterrupted service for their customers and themselves.